JW Speaker: TRAIL6 JK TURN Mounting (SET)

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Experience the Science with the new Trail 6 Flash from J.W. Speaker. This deceleration-sensing LED light is ideal for off-road, 4 x4, UTV, & ATV application. Stand out from the crowd : install the Trail 6 Flash on your UTV or ATV application and enjoy added style and safety on your next adventure.

When you're blazing the trails and conditions get dark or dusty, you need a light to tell others when you're slowing down '¢â‚¬ï¿½before you even touch the brakes. Experience the science of the deceleration-sensing Trail 6 Flash.

Features: Automatically detects when the vehicle is slowing down and flashes to give advanced warning to other drivers. Stand out for style and safety with added seconds of warning and bright red LEDs. Program the speed sensitivity (Low to high) based on your vehicle: Low for vehicles that quickly decelerate, like a UTV, High for vehicles that slowly decelerate, like a tractor, Medium for vehicles in the middle. Wire the Trail 6 Flash in with the vehicle's brake and tail lights for added visibility. Build a custom lighting system for any vehicle using the bracket, hanging, or panel mounting configurations. The Trail 6 Flash designed for off-road use only. Complete kit of 2 lamps with brackets, 3 sets of interchangeable lenses (spot, flood, & wide flood), mounting hardware, and a daisy chain harness for 2 lights.

Application: The Trail 6 Flash round LED off road light is intended for off-road use only, and is not street-legal. The Trail 6 Flash is ideal for off-road applications including ATVs & UTVs.