55W / AMP: NHK Fast Bright Ballast

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NHK: Is a well known and widely distributed brand in China, the produce good quality aftermarket HID lighting products that are great for those seeking budget friendly upgrades!

Brighter is Better: NHK Rates these ballasts at 55W, making them slightly more powerful than most traditional 35w ballasts. In this business, brighter is better, we won’t argue that!

AMP Only: The NHK FastBright Ballast is only available with AMP Male/Female outputs, but can easily be used with D2S bulbs with some AMP>D2S Adapters.

Reliable: If you’re not ready to buy into the big leagues with something from Hylux or Morimoto, the NHK ballasts have proven reliable for many.

Fast Bright: As the name indicates, these have a quick warm up time, so they will bring your HID bulbs up to full intensity faster than most. That being said, they do have a relatively high start current to achieve that, so it is highly recommended to use a traditional relay harness to power them.

Sharp: They low key black finish, mesh covered high voltage insulation, and the mounting brackets make these a stealth, OEM-like addition to any engine compartment. They’re also completely sealed up, so no concerns about mounting location.