Igniter Adapter: Matsu/Panasonic > AMP (Single)

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Picky Panasonic: Matsushita (Panasonic) Gen 3 / 4 / 5 ballasts are notoriously finicky with aftermarket bulbs, and as such have never been able to work with bulbs that have AMP connectors--until now!

Ignite: Their integrated siemens igniters are the same variant used in the XB D2S ballasts and produce over 23KV, which is enough to reliably turn on your aftermarket bulbs in any climate.

Plug n Play: They are directly compatible with all OEM Matsushita/Panasonic ballasts commonly found on Subaru's, Nissan's and Infiniti's in place of the stock D2S Igniters, and their length is adequate to reach through the headlight housing and up to the back of the bulbs. Super simple to use!

Hind Sight: We should have offered these years ago, but finally that time has come and not a moment too soon since there are so many vehicles using OEM Matsushita ballasts around retrofitted projectors these days.

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