35-50W: Morimoto Powerhouse Computer

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Why: It hasn't been done before? We have no idea...because the Powerhouse ballasts are genius. Put simply: they'll deliver a steady 35W of power to your HID bulbs until you kick the high beams on, at which point they'll boost output to a more powerful 50W. Safety in the form of reliability and longevity. Super in terms of your ability to see well when you need it most. Powerhouse in terms of their eventual popularity thanks to their ability to deliver the best of both worlds.

Easy: The best part? The Powerhouse ballast requires virtually no more wiring than a standard setup to hook up. By connecting a basic high beam splitter to the boost switch, the job is done. Other than that, you've got an integrated 9006 Male 12V power input, and the 3-pin output for the igniter. Like everything else in the Morimoto lineup, these are plug n play perfection.

Outputs: Designed around modular outputs, you can utilize the same computer with either an AMP or D2S igniter. If you ever decide it's time to switch up your setup later on, the Powerhouse gives you the flexibility to do so without having to buy a whole new set of ballasts.

Form & Function: Gotta give it up to the Morimoto design team, because these things look awesome. The ballast has these sweeping curves that flow from the edges of their inputs and morph into mounting points on the backside. The crown adorns the face of the ballast, and the seafoam green screws that hold the shell together look sweet too. Very unique. Very compact. Very functional. Very good!

Precision: Like many of the other HID-based products in the Morimoto lineup, the Powerhouse ballasts utilize the latest 2017 version of the XB PCB with several enhancements and a layout change in order to make the variable output system work properly, these ballasts will run with the best in terms of reliability. They're also completely potted inside to ensure weather resistance in all seasons.

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